San Francisco Fashion Week is pleased to announce its 10th annual celebration of fashion and innovation. This year’s theme, “ REDEFINING FASHION ”, will explore the current state of the fashion industry’s continuing challenges in diversity and sustainability. Highlighting San Francisco Fashion Week’s prime initiatives in education and technology, the week-long celebration will include conferences in ethical fashion and inclusivity panel with Shopify. In addition to showcasing emerging talents, sustainable designers will also play a prominent role in this year’s programs. 

With social media apps, digital wallets, and communication apps, it’s clear that mobile has  impacted our everyday lives. Technology is revolutionizing how businesses operate, with the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual technology  to streamline efficient processes. The innovative Fashion Tech Conference will be hosted by Target Open House. The Blockchain panel is going to be hosted by Mousebelt, a blockchain accelerator.

The world of fashion and beauty is becoming more inclusive. Fashion performs and facilitates the relationship between diversity and identity.. Sustainable fashion has become a management agenda for an increasing number of brands, and communicating environmental values is in the center of many ambitious campaigns. Fair labor, sustainable resourcing and environmental issues are more and more important to consumers.