San Francisco's plight as a fashion destination Is not far from reach.  This city is a very stylish metropolis that defies the norm. A predestined emerging fashion market where creative ideas are born and developed vying for the world's attention. However, This becomes secondary because after all, Silicon Valley is the world's technology core.  

Fashion is now an undeniable tech product due to numerous social media outlets, well funded startups, retail's immersive future and the explosion of influencers as media moguls. As a whole, the fashion industry is timid in adapting technological advancements.   

San Francisco Fashion Week 2018's theme, "Bridging The Fashion Gap" exemplifies San Francisco Fashion Week’s innovative global vision nurturing emerging talents in highlighting the future of fashion’s eco-system in sustainability, manufacturing, and technology . Our goal is to separate ourselves from other major fashion cities as a stand out in emphasizing programs to focus on Silicon Valley's robust technology sector.  

In San Francisco, we're working on balancing the economy by leveraging our world-leading technology and assets to redevelop other strategic cultural and economic sectors. San Francisco Fashion Week implements this innovative approach by combining educational programs, technological advancements and entrepreneurship to continuously nurture the creative communities in fashion, wearables, retail, design, immersive technologies, new media and the arts.

This year's global outreach targeting international fashion communities is a strategy to reestablish the local manufacturing economy. To promote San Francisco/Silicon Valley not only as the world's tech hub but also a promising world class style destination. Disrupting the international fashion/retail sector as the the next emerging fashion market where technology is an obvious driving force.   



2017 Press Release

Strength and power comes in many forms. Understanding this very significance of acceptance and bringing this movement to the forefront. San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2017 (8th Annual) on September 22nd, 2017 - October 1st, 2017 with the theme, “ Innovating Fashion's Diverse Culture.” San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2017 aims to explore how diversity has become the battle cry of the fashion industry by utilizing technology and showcasing emerging designer collections, virtual reality, 3D fashion, wearable tech, and so much more.

The movement of diversity is on the rise in the fashion space. Fashion designers and shows are moving away from the traditional requirements of models and creativity to embracing people with different heritage and qualities. The industry is progressing towards inclusiveness, rather than the exclusive boundaries developed over the years.