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How Brands Are Using VR/AR/AI

For years, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) — a view of the real world that has been “augmented” by layers of computer-generated content — have been the stuff of science fiction. Both still have their fair share of sceptics. Yet, driven by Moore’s Law and the rapid advancement of processors, screens and other commodity components coming out of the smartphone supply chain, VR and AR are finally poised for mainstream adoption with some calling them nothing less than a “new medium of human experience.”

In this early stage of development, accurate projections of future market size are difficult. But according to Goldman Sachs, revenue from VR- and AR-related hardware and software is expected to reach from $80 billion to $182 billion by 2025. (Source: Business of Fashion)

Companies like Google and Apple are snapping up Artificial Intelligencr start-ups, and in the last year, milestones in the field have arrived faster than previously expected, such as last month, when Google's AlphaGo program beat a human champion at Go, a strategy board game considered more complex than chess.

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