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Pret-A-Porter (RTW) Showcase

Pret-A-Porter (RTW) Showcase

SF Fashion Week at Saks 10.27.18 image.jpg

San Francisco Fashion Week 2018 : Saks Fifth Avenue | Pret-A-Porter Trends | RSVP @ | NO REFUNDS Policy

Saks Fifth Avenue is spending the Fall celebrating women. "Fearless Women" the series of talks will run throughout September and October. Saks is shining a spotlight on women doing incredible things across a variety of fields and bringing their messages to the public. Saks continue to make their theme of one-of-a-kind experiences that not only reflect their customer’s interests.

The world of fashion moves quickly with trends coming and going, but what has true staying power is personal style. No matter if someone has the exact same piece as you, it won't matter if you know how to rock it in your own unique way. That's the difference between a follower and a trendsetter. The former simply wears clothes to look cool, while the latter makes the clothes look cool.

With a legacy that goes back over 150 years, Saks Fifth Avenue has established itself as the one-stop-shop for the most coveted brands in fashion, as well as one of the most respected curators in retail.